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One Second

This Christmas

Pledge for Change

Pledge today to give at least ONE second hand item for Christmas, and encourage friends, co-workers, and family to commit too. Together, we could save millions of goods from ending up in landfill. There’s no time to waste, the world needs you. 

It just takes #onesecond.

By giving #OneSecond and taking the pledge, you’re helping to build a fairer and more sustainable future for Australia.

We’ll be counting the pledges and will announce the number of #OneSecond pledges weekly across our channels, so that together we can measure the power of this revolutionary Circular Christmas.

#OneSecond with Yas


Why Pledge

It’s the most wonderful time of year… except for the planet. Every year, Australians spend $18 billion on Christmas presents, and it’s estimated that over 20 million gifts are unwanted or unused by their recipients, of which an alarming percentage either end up in landfill or sitting dormant in homes for years to come.

This year, the World’s Biggest Garage Sale is asking Australia to take #onesecond to think about their purchasing habits for the holidays. Imagine the impact if every Australian committed to purchasing at least one of their gifts secondhand, and even more, if they knew their loved ones would be equally enthusiastic to receive these gifts.

2020 has been an incredibly transformative, challenging year for the world and offers us the chance to give pause and evaluate habits that may no longer serve our society in favour of building a fairer and more sustainable future for all. 

This silly season offers us the chance to be anything but.


is all it takes to bring our holiday focus back to meaningful connection


provides reinvestment in our communities


can create a movement that changes our habits for the good of the planet

pledge Today


What is World’s Biggest Garage Sale?

Started from a neighbourhood garage sale in 2013, World’s Biggest Garage Sale is now revolutionising how Australians engage with dormant goods. 

Australian homes currently have $43 billion of underutilised goods at risk of ending up in landfills, and our current waste practices dictate a linear ‘use and toss’ mentality dramatically impacting our planet.

At WBGS, we’re solving this issue through the activation of dormant goods for good and building a truly circular economy. By empowering Australians to reduce, reuse, recycle and repurpose, the World’s Biggest Garage Sale helps people to see the beauty in reloved or ‘second life’ goods.

Built from this founding vision, World’s Biggest Garage Sale is now a proud champion in the profit-for-purpose resale retail revolution. Our online store and events provide our community members with alternate ways to source and purchase high-quality products (such as clothing, antiques, furniture & whitegoods) at prices that are affordable, paving the way for thousands of Australians to save money, time and the planet.

As a for-profit social enterprise, the World’s Biggest Garage Sale team focuses on driving profit for a purpose. Our efforts promote sustainability and responsible consumerism, and provide employment and purchase opportunities for vulnerable members of our community.

Our work in the
Circular Economy

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