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Circular Economy

Reimagining how we see waste

Every year our global economy converts over 100 billion tonnes of raw material into products. Less than a quarter of that material becomes buildings, roads, or other long-lasting features. Less than 10 percent returns back into the economy in the form of recycled goods and second-life products. The circular economy aims to increase that number and reduce the enormous amount of waste we put into landfill, preventing CO2 emissions in the process and relying less on the use of virgin materials.

Given our finite level of natural resources and increasing global population, our current take–make–dispose linear model of production is not sustainable.

The principles of the circular economy aim to reimagine the way we use and reuse goods by finding value throughout the life cycles of a product. By extending the length a product is used, it prevents the over-generation of waste and simultaneously creates new business opportunities, jobs and revenue streams, all while minimising the environmental impact of mining, resource extraction, refining and manufacture.


Our Circular Economy Practices in Action

Our practices are just the beginning of disrupting the linear model of disposal plaguing our planet and leaving future generations with an increasingly insurmountable problem. Here’s what we’ve accomplished so far:

4.3 Million

kilograms of goods diverted from potential landfill

water, nature, oil

1.29 billion

litres of water saved

774,000 KGS

of CO2 prevented from entering Earth’s atmosphere

9250 KGs

of pesticides and chemicals prevented from being used in production of new goods.

$2.2 Million

Australian Dollars in estimated social impact value to the global economy.


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Did you know that for every 10,000 tonnes of waste that is recycled, 9.2 jobs are created vs only 2.8 jobs if that waste was sent to landfill?

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