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Wabi-Sabi: It's not perfect and it's ok!

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It’s not perfect and it’s ok. Wabi-Sabi emphasizes an acceptance of transience and imperfection. Something we really subscribe to at World’s Biggest Garage Sale.

Another Japanese term that is difficult to translate, it can be comforting in a time when many things don’t seem perfect. The timeless wisdom of Japanese term Wabi-Sabi is more relevant than ever right now.

Making the most of life and accepting imperfections is at the heart of Wabi-Sabi. There is beauty and value in nature and items in their imperfect form. It helps us all breathe a sigh, steering us away from the western concept of manufactured beauty and the increasingly unattainable state of perfection. 

The conscious consumer understands the energy, depth and creativity that has gone into an item and honours & respects that. Their focus is not on imperfection, but the value in the totality of that item & the story of it’s journey. A scratch here and a dent there is ok – there is still a huge amount of value in that item! Take this laptop table below – it came to us not quite perfect, but still fully functional. Some minor repairs and it’s good to go.

Pick the imperfection on this laptop table.

Wabi-sabi reminds us to be more accepting of flaws and rawness, looking at something more deeply and to embrace superficial imperfections.

Relax, take a breath – it’s not perfect and it’s ok! 

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