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Create a Fresh Vibe with Repurposed Pallet Furniture that’s good for People and Planet

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Repurposed Pallet Furniture

Repurposed pallet furniture such as tables, couches, beds, shelves, benches and more, is a fresh, innovative and sustainable way to add style to one’s home or business. 

The humble pallet plays a critical role in the modern logistics landscape, but each year several pallets go to waste. Here at World’s Biggest Garage Sale we see this as an opportunity and prefer to view dormant* pallets as a valuable resource rather than waste. So in just a short time our amazing team has developed expertise in pallet repurposing and remanufacturing, with a number of bespoke reclaimed pallet projects underway. 

Pallet Team

BespokePallet Furniture

Pallets received from our partner Officeworks and other sources, are cleaned and prepared by our team, ready to be repurposed and reimagined into something brand new and amazing for our customers! These pieces bring a cool and rustic vibe to any workspace or home.

The creation of custom-built upcycled furniture not only provides a valuable stream of revenue to help WBGS create meaningful employment opportunities for vulnerable Australians, it also prevents landfill and repurposes often neglected materials that have significant value beyond their “designed purpose”. 

Below are just some of the incredible benefits of reclaimed wood furniture and products, providing an environmentally friendly and fashionable option for your office or home.

Landfill Diversion

The most obvious benefit of repurposing reclaimed pallets is landfill diversion. Approximately 140,000 tonnes of waste wood pallets and crates are sent to landfill in Sydney alone each year1. Fly across the pacific and in the US, an estimated 10,000,000 tonnes of pallet wood go to landfill each year.

Wood pallets that have reached the end of their life cycle can be resource recovered, becoming feedstock for a myriad of creative projects and are perfect for pallet furniture, ensuring waste is minimised. They are an excellent resource for the DIY community, with ideas for wood pallets in office and home décor being endless!

Preserves Natural Resources

Reclaimed pallet furniture preserves natural resources as less virgin timber is required, therefore reducing the need for new logging. Trees will be given more time to grow and remain in nature as much needed habitat and carbon sinks, storing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Wood Pallets Store Carbon

“Australian forests and wood products store or sequester approximately 57 million tonnes of carbon dioxide which offsets around 10% of the total greenhouse gases emitted in Australia.”2 Carbon constitutes approximately 50% the dry mass of trees and when wood from these trees is used to produce wood products the carbon is stored for life in that product.

For pallets it’s around 6 years, but if it’s turned into pallet furniture and other products that carbon could be stored for another 30 years, therefore extending the time that carbon is prevented from being re-released into the atmosphere!2

Bespoke Pallet Day Bed – just some of the pallet furniture built by the WBGS Team.

So if you’re looking for furniture to freshen up your space that supports both people and planet, checkout our pallet lookbook, visit us at our Morningside Precinct or inquire below with our friendly team today.

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1. NSW Environment Protection Authority (2012) Carbon Benefits of Not Landfilling End-of-Life Wood Pallets & Packaging in New South Wales – Assumptions Report, NSW EPA

2. How is carbon stored in trees and wood products? https://forestlearning.edu.au/images/resources/How%20carbon%20is%20stored%20in%20trees%20and%20wood%20products.pdf

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