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Resource Recovery

There are $43 billion worth of dormant goods currently in Australian homes at risk of ending up in landfill…

And we’re doing something about it. WBGS is the proud founder of Australia’s First Circular Economy precinct located in Morningside, Queensland.


At World’s Biggest Garage Sale, we’re empowering Australians to change the way they view their goods. Most people believe a good only has one lifecycle and with the possibility for recycling for a small percentage of items. However that’s not the case. Through resource recovery and the circular economy, there’s a world of possibilities such as renewing, repurposing, restoring, reimagining or reloving that good, instead of throwing or stowing it away. Imagine the impact that will have on a large scale or better yet, see for yourself by being a part of the resource recovery revolution.

At our Circular Economy Precinct, we are focused on activating dormant goods in a way which creates financial viability and the creation of jobs in our community. We have the tools and resources to restore what most people would view as junk into something that has clear value and can be enjoyed for years to come.

World's Biggest Garage Sale - Brisbane

From dormantto desired


Circular Economy

There is no such thing as waste, only resources in the wrong place.

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In partnership with Officeworks, we created a beautiful home bar made from a repurposed desk panel, pallets and tiles. Materials destined for landfill will find a home and be enjoyed once again.

Activate your dormant goods for good

If you have dormant goods taking up space or in need of a little love, please register your proposed contribution. Your support enables us to thrive, grow and create tangible environmental and societal impact.

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Love a DIY Project?

Join us to reframe, refurbish, repurpose and relove what was once considered unsaleable stock into viable and wanted products for the community, so we can generate profit for purpose.

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