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QODE: Trial by Fire – Environmental Challenges Unearth Rewards

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This month has been a busy one for us here at World’s Biggest Garage Sale as it no doubt has been for you. After wrapping up our Retail Rescue and the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been no slowing down! Last week Yas was invited to deliver her Trial by Fire: Social and Environmental Challenges Unearth Global Rewards’ keynote speech at the QODE Brisbane 2020 event. Yas was a spokesperson for those impact and social ventures (like World’s Biggest Garage Sale) whose driving force is the ‘profit for purpose’ sentiment.

QODE is an annual event hosted in Brisbane with the purpose of promoting technology and innovation. The two-day conference sees a host of pioneering individuals speak about their contributions to the future of our planet. Like all conferences recently, QODE was impacted by COVID-19. Normally held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre with a live audience, due to the current health crisis audience members were not able to physically attend. Rising to the challenge, the organisers transformed QODE into a ‘virtual exhibition’ with the full program being streamed via their YouTube channel. Users could view the entire event safely and from the comfort of their own home.

Sharing valuable insights, Yas spoke on the importance of the triple bottom line – people, planet and purpose. Connecting with community to work towards collective goals such as a circular economy for the good of the planet. These entrepreneurial minds are ‘doing the smallest of things with the biggest of impact’ and have conducted their business in a way which makes them well-prepared for this time of social and environmental challenge.

‘We are the problem solvers that don’t necessarily look for profit in order to begin, in order to stay…’

Yas articulated that companies like World’s Biggest Garage Sale and many more are motivated by a bigger purpose. They’re working on ‘The World’s To Do List’, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) designed to make the Earth a better place by 2030. And that by forming a collaboration between government, corporate and startup enterprise, we can create a ‘uniquely diverse ecosystem’ focused on ‘coming together to stay together, to grow together’.

Trial by Fire: Yas presenting SDG goals

‘Connectedness, collaboration and community – this is how we do business’

and it’s this notion that helps ventures like World’s Biggest Garage Sale thrive in times of challenge. Being grateful for the community that is central to World’s Biggest Garage Sale and so many impact and social ventures, is so important right now. Intrinsically valuing the people who dedicate their time to triple bottom line businesses. And never more was this on show than when Dr Sarah Pearson, Deputy Director General of Department of Innovation and Tourism Industry Development, donned a World’s Biggest Garage Sale shirt (on sale currently), showing that community support!

Yas & Leanne presenting

Leanne Kemp, Queensland Chief Entrepreneur also spoke, and was so empowering, reassuring and hopeful! Speaking about COVID-19, she said our QLD entrepreneurs are leading an incredible purpose driven culture, with clear human focus. Her  3 P strategy, “Pivot, Persevere and Pirouette” can help entrepreneurs ensure they keep their teams.

Many see that this crisis is a key leadership moment not only for them, but for them to help others.

Speaking to the ‘trial by fire’ social climate at present, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Yas stated, ‘if the current pandemic can teach us anything, it’s perhaps that we all need to slow down to speed up’. And it is true that the ‘noise’ of everyday life can distract us from achieving big picture goals or even working towards small actions. The time bestowed upon us at the moment is a ‘blessing in disguise’ to allow us to set our intentions for positive change. Stay safe, healthy and optimistic – we can build the new economy together.

If you would like to support World’s Biggest Garage Sale venture – please reach out to Yas at [email protected] today.

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