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Keep on Keep-Cuppin’ On! Solutions for the Environmental Caffeine Enthusiast

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We hope your New Year was safe and joyous, spent with the ones you love the most! Now that it’s 2019 we suspect that means you have the inevitable list of New Year’s resolutions burning a hole in your back pocket. Getting big goals is something I definitely subscribe to and then it’s all about committing and regularly checking-in to that commitment over the year.

Photo by Jessica Lewis on Unsplash

One way to make it easier to stick to the big hairy audacious resolutions is to break them down into smaller bite size chunks, making small positive improvements to our daily behaviour and setting attainable goals that we can work towards. One way to make a more positive and sustainable choice in 2019 is to reconsider the way you receive your takeaway coffee each mor
According to Sustainability Victoria, Australians consume more than 50,000 cups of coffee every half hour, and an estimated 1 billion takeaway hot drink cups each year. ONE BILLION! Unfortunately, most of these are rarely recycled and ultimately end up in landfill. Australian coffee culture is harming the environment, every morning on your way to work!
So how can we, as everyday caffeine addicts, make small, sustainable adjustments in our day-to-day routine while keeping the environment in mind? To start, you can make a small investment in a good quality keep cup and remember to leave the house each day with it in your work bag. This small and convenient step means that you can easily do your part to reduce the number of takeaway cups going to landfill. At most cafes, you will also get a discount on your coffee for bringing your own cup! That’s what I call a win-win!
A small issue I have personally faced when BYO-ing my coffee cup to work is avoiding leaks and spillages during transit. As someone who hops on public transport regularly, I have sometimes found myself in the awkward situation of holding a leaking keep cup that is dripping on my hand, with me frantically trying to clean it up! I understand this can be disheartening and could lead you to revert back to having your daily cappuccino in a paper cup. Never Fear!

A Frank Green coffee cups goes anywhere with you! (Source: Frank Green)

Enter Frank Green – the market’s latest technology in reusable coffee cups. These keep cups are known for their great minimalist design, coupled with their impressive functionality. Some funky design benefits are:
+ A spill resistant lid – even when it’s upside down!
+ Drinking hole designed for optimum liquid flow
+ Stain and odour resistant inner
+ Comfortably fits in standard cup holders
+ Dishwasher safe
+ Recyclable at end of life – this is a big one!

WBGS enjoy coffee from a Frank Green keep cup.

Frank Green reusable coffee cups are made with premium, long-lasting materials and come in a vast range of sizes and colours. Better yet, their Next Generation range lets you Paywave your purchase from the cup! All this in a sleek and effortless design – you’ll never use a disposable cup again! As a bonus, the brand also manufactures reusable water bottles, another stylish step towards a solution to the thirty-eight billion water bottles that are discarded into landfills around the world every year.
We may not be able to commit to all our New Year’s resolutions overnight, and hey, that’s okay! What we can do is make a conscious effort to lessen our personal impact on the environment by changing small behaviours, one day at a time. If you are a ‘forgetful work in progress’ like me, please be aware that you can recycle the lids on takeaway cups as long as they have a plastics identification code stamp – just make sure you separate it from the cup first!

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