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We need all stakeholders to make this a success.

For the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals to be realised by 2030, it’s going to take a global effort, with a grassroots foundation and shared responsibility to find solutions for our ever-increasing waste streams. Collaborating with the government, private sector and community is key to achieving our goals.

We’re proud to be part of the new wave of businesses and social enterprises pushing the boundaries and creating profit for purpose which benefits our home state of Queensland and beyond. The Queensland Government recognises the value in drawing wealth from waste, and they’re making great strides to address waste issues through their Resource Recovery Industry Development program. We’re confident the federal government and other states can push this forward further to find overall alignment for Australia.

The term social enterprise won’t exist in the future, this is just how we will all do business.

Leanne Kemp, Queensland Chief Entrepreneur

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Making an Impact

We all must come together to tackle our society’s most pressing issues. By joining forces with WBGS, we can:

  • Explore our society’s relationship with materials and products
  • Debunk myths around used and second-life goods
  • Provide solutions to increase participation in the circular economy
  • Create employment opportunities for vulnerable and at-risk communities
  • Develop policy to change how we allocate and use resources