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The Pyjama Foundation

Today we released the list of charities who received funding (link) from our 2017 World’s Biggest Garage Sale event! As it would happen, I found myself browsing the website for The Pyjama Foundation, a great initiative where they match volunteers called “Pyjama Angels” with children who are in out-of-home care.

Pyjama Angels spend an hour a week together doing things like reading, games and assisting with their homework. What I wasn’t expecting though, was coming across a 2 part short film called ReMoved. It is just over 35 minutes in total and follows a young girl named Zoe who navigates her way through the foster system, after being removed from her home and separated from her younger brother.

After watching it from this perspective, I realised how incredibly important the work the Pyjama Foundation do. As Zoe said in the movie “You cannot heal me, you’re not a healer. You cannot save me or hide me. This is my story, I have to make peace with it” and this is what the Angels are doing by being a regular support and showing these kids love and that they are valued while helping them with their education.

The Pyjama Foundation is currently supporting 40 children every week and has trained almost a thousand Pyjama Angels in the last year. It is not comfortable to watch but with well over 14 million views, I encourage you to watch ReMoved below or click here and consider signing up to become a Pyjama Angel.

We cannot give these children voices, we cannot speak over them, we need to make ourselves available to guide them, to help build trust and security in order to help break the cycles they are coming from.

“This my past, my history, my story is not my fault. It’s not because of me. And doesn’t have to be what defines my future” -Zoe, ReMoved.

**Trigger Warning: domestic violence, emotional isolation.

Part 1

Part 2

Impact Report Brisbane 2017

We were extremely proud to have helped raise $151,000 in just our 4th event and are proud to provide our Impact Report for the Brisbane 2017 World’s Biggest Garage Sale event. Even more pleasing than raising money for charity is to learn where the money has gone and more importantly, who is benefitting from all that hard work. The top 12 recipients of this money are as follows