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Our Story

Started from a neighbourhood garage sale in 2013, the World’s Biggest Garage Sale is now revolutionising how Australians engage with dormant goods

Australian homes currently have $43 billion of underutilised goods at risk of ending up in landfills, and our current waste practices dictate a linear ‘use and toss’ mentality dramatically impacting our planet.

At WBGS, we’re solving this issue through the activation of dormant goods for good and building a truly circular economy. By empowering Australians to reduce, reuse, recycle and repurpose, the World’s Biggest Garage Sale helps people to see the beauty in reloved or ‘second life’ goods.

Built from this founding vision, the World’s Biggest Garage Sale is now a proud champion in the profit-for-purpose resale retail revolution. Our online store and events provide our community members with alternate ways to source and purchase high-quality products (such as clothing, antiques, furniture & whitegoods) at prices that are affordable, paving the way for thousands of Australians to save money, time and the planet.

As a for-profit social enterprise, the World’s Biggest Garage Sale team focuses on driving profit for a purpose. Our efforts promote sustainability and responsible consumerism, and provide employment and purchase opportunities for vulnerable members of our community. 


How we Drive Impact

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Whether you’re driven by value or values, the world has a place for you and together we can proudly continue to make a positive impact for people, for the planet and for profit with purpose through activating dormant goods for good.

Yasmin Grigaliunas, Founder WBGS


Our Shared Values


We restore balance in society and the world through passion and respect.


We facilitate and generate measurable value to people and the planet.


We prove the positive return of circular practices in communities and businesses.


We practice what we preach, lead by example and share what we know.


We give a second life to products, people and the planet.


We defend the planet through resource recovery and waste diversion.


We see potential, activate possible and execute purpose.


We’re here for positive impact in the lives of people and the planet, and have no time to waste.


We execute solutions to the world’s most challenging problems.


We stand for honesty and credibility, and expect nothing less.


Transparency enables clarity, and through clarity we grow.


We can enact the change we wish to see in the world.


Our Mission

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