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Yazzy G

“If it’s to be, it’s up to me.”

Yasmin Grigaliunas is the founder and
CEO of World’s Biggest Garage Sale.

As the eldest daughter of a single mother, hard work and responsibility were instilled in Yas from a young age. With a passion for learning and personal growth, Yasmin first encountered the idea of a sustainable ‘circular economy’ in the early 2000’s. Little did Yasmin know that her strong entrepreneurial spirit would lead her to create a movement revolutionising the way Australians engage with their dormant goods.

Yasmin and her husband, Leigh, founded World’s Biggest Garage Sale back in 2013, in a simple effort to declutter their home, recycle some preloved goods, and raise funds for local charities. It was at the moment when Yas raised $15,000 in a single day that she realised she had stumbled upon something special. Since then, it has evolved into a fully fledged social enterprise that focuses on driving profit for a purpose.

Through World’s Biggest Garage Sale, Yasmin is committed to repurposing an estimated $43 billion worth of underutilised goods in Australian homes, ultimately reducing landfill, championing the circular economy and working with corporate and government partners to improve our recycling capabilities as a society. For Yasmin, there is no plan B (and incidentally, there’s no planet B either.)

Beyond her aspirations for a resource-conscious society, Yas greatest mission is empowering others to fulfill their purpose, inspiring those around her to find their authentic selves and live with intention.

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HER Vision

It’s my vision to have created a movement in the lives of many, that created a movement that changed the world.

Yazzy G