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The Team

Meet the wonderful people who bring our ideas to life.

  • Yasmin Grigaliunas

    CEO and Co-founder

    Yas is the CEO and co-founder of World’s Biggest Garage Sale. In 2013, she stepped away from her full-time position running a multi-million dollar sales department to pursue designing and executing solutions for the circular economy. Since then, WBGS has diverted 4.3 million kilos of unused items from landfill through the activation of dormant goods in the community.

  • Leigh Grigaliunas

    Co-Founder + Ecommerce Operations

    Leigh is the co-founder of World’s Biggest Garage Sale. With 20 years of experience including leadership positions in technology, sales and marketing under his belt, Leigh manages the ecommerce operations for WBGS. In 2010, he successfully built an online community for 30,000+ parents seeking flexible employment opportunities long before it was on-trend. Coupled with his strong technical and logistics capabilities, he now brings people together at the World’s Biggest Garage Sale to lead resource recovery on a large scale.

    Favourite moment at WBGS
    One of my most vivid memories is from the first event. A little old lady rolled over the brick fence surrounding the bowls club at 5 AM in an attempt to gain early entry into the sale. I stared in disbelief as she hit the ground, picked herself up, dusted herself off and calmly asked whether we were open yet. At that point I knew we’d never have any trouble with customers – people love a smart bargain!
  • Donaugh Austin


    Donaugh manages Operations for World’s Biggest Garage Sale. Forward-thinking in nature, Donaugh leads the implementation of workflows and processes for WBGS, and she brings over 20 years of experience as both a manufacturing engineer and IT business analyst to her role. Tapping into her significant project Management and ERP expertise, she creates operational efficiency that provides a strong foundation for the business’ success. Combined with a vision for the future, Donaugh’s technical background offers a deep understanding of the material supply-chain and potential for the circular economy.

    Favourite moment at WBGS
    Yas gave me the reins to run one of the warehouses for the Friday Preview night at the 2018 World’s Biggest Garage Sale (someone was unavailable at the last minute). She said “Donaugh, can you handle this warehouse tonight and I said ‘yep’.” We did a 15min briefing and off I went – it’s been that way ever since!
  • Wassim Sayegh

    Retail Recommerce

    Wassim leads Retail Operations for World’s Biggest Garage Sale. With over 10 years of experience in several customer experience roles, he brings a diligent consumer-centric approach to retail operations at WBGS. Wassim holds a Masters of Agricultural and Environmental Technologies which sparked a lifelong passion for the circular economy and resource recovery. His sales, marketing and merchandising experience combined with a scientific perspective make him a true innovator in the retail resale space, helping drive revenue, growth and awareness for the WBGS brand.

    Favourite moment at WBGS
    The experience of people coming into WBGS to purchase something and walking out wanting to be involved in the awesome work we do, whether it is through mobilising their dormant goods or coming back as volunteers…most often, both!
  • Alice Dahlberg

    Special Projects

    Alice Dahlberg is a Project Manager at World’s Biggest Garage Sale. She brings over 15 years of experience in hospitality and sustainability policy & procedure writing to her role at WBGS. As the Sustainability Officer for a boutique Australian hotel chain, Alice worked diligently to create resource-conscious solutions for the hotel industry. Since then, she’s been determined to push the boundaries for the circular economy at WBGS, developing concepts, engaging stakeholders and finding mutually beneficial sustainability partnerships for the brand.

    Favourite moment at WBGS
    The first concept I pitched for World’s Biggest Garage Sale was well-received (to my delight) and combined with Yas’s energy and enthusiasm, we received another project on the spot from the same client!
  • Emma McCourt

    Marketing Coordinator

    Emma McCourt is the Marketing Coordinator at World’s Biggest Garage Sale. She brings five years of experience in marketing and retail to her role at WBGS. Emma is highly skilled in marketing, branding, strategy and communications, and she’s currently completing her PhD in Consumer Behaviour & Marketing Science to study consumption habits and loneliness in consumers. In the context of WBGS, Emma is using her talents to start a conversation on the meaningful ways to extend the value of the goods we buy and engage new audiences in the circular economy.

    Favourite moment at WBGS
    I’ve loved to see the Circular Economy Futures events really grow over the last two years! We have built a community of intelligent, aware and creative people who are passionate about finding new ways to create a better future for the world. It’s amazing to hear everyone’s perspectives, learn from our guest speakers and meet new people.
  • Chloe Van Rooyen

    Marketing, Sales and Administration Coordinator

    Chloe holds a dual degree in Bachelor of International Hotel Tourism Management and Bachelor of Business majoring in Marketing. With previous experience in hospitality, corporate events and marketing, she has come onboard with the team at WBGS to coordinate events and provide operational and sales support. Chloe is passionate about the work that WBGS is doing in the community and bringing more people into the mission.

    Favourite moment at WBGS
    There isn’t a specific moment I have in mind, but when the team gets together to blitz and get things done, it shows the commitment and the work ethics of everyone. I’m so proud to be a part of the WBGS team.
  • Sara McIntyre


    With over 8 years of experience in accountancy, financial planning & analysis in the UK, Sara is well-equipped to handle the WBGS ledgers. She’s excited to execute strategies that enable WBGS to grow and create a truly circular economy in Australia.

    Favourite moment at WBGS
    My favourite moments all involve being on a team who really cares. It’s an incredible environment to be a part of!

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