Partner with Us - WBGS
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Partner with Us

The Worldโ€™s Biggest Garage Sale is stronger and better with the ongoing support and generosity of our partners and sponsors. ย 

We build relationships with fellow businesses with the intention of mutual benefit and collaboration and in the spirit of co-opetition.

Partner with Us
Listen first-hand to our WBGS Partners.


Partnering with us can mean anything from event sponsorship, or donation of goods to long-term collaboration. Joining forces with WBGS delivers tangible benefits.

  • Raise your companyโ€™s profile and enhance your brand
  • Achieve your Corporate Social Responsibility aims
  • Engage new audiences
  • Enhance creativity, innovation and team dynamics through Ship-It-Days with WBGS
  • Boost employee morale and productivity via Corporate Volunteering
  • Access our global impact