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Our Volunteers

Our volunteers are the heart and soul of WBGS, without them, we simply could not achieve the global impact our events have had so far. 

We want to share their stories here too as heroes of WBGS and active members of their beautiful communities. 

Our volunteers have really helped make a difference in our community and towards sustainable living. Thanks to their effort, passion and dedication, over $314K has been donated to charities and over 3.3-million kgs of potential waste has been diverted from landfill.
Community Volunteer Heroes

Student Volunteer Heroes

For us, it is such a privilege to collaborate with so many talented and passionate young people in the community. We do this in many ways:

  • we have incredible student volunteers who help at our events from many schools around QLD
  • as well as students from schools like Clayfield College who host drives to collect goods for our events.
  • We collaborate with innovative learning programs such as the Design Led Ventures project run through St Paul’s School to teach students about entrepreneurship.
  • We uplift our youth activators in the community who are doing their part to create sustainable businesses that promote the SDGs; like Plastic Free Boy and Simeon from Illuminating Distractions.
  • And, we present at major school educational events such as YLead, Future Anything and the Somerset Celebration of Entrepreneurship Festival. 


Our business is about building a sustainable future and circular economy that is accessible by everyone in society. A huge part of that is supporting our youth to create the future we want to build. We will never stop being in total awe of these young leaders and influencers, here are their stories below.

Clayfield College & WBGS Community Collection
The Year 10 girls at Clayfield College (Brisbane) set about activating “dormant goods” in their school community, supporting the work we do at the World’s Biggest Garage Sale. Students gathered donations from the community, then sorted and categorised the items, helping create a circular economy for the under-utilised clothing, toys and technology in their homes. With support from TAXIBOX, we were able to give new life to goods which would otherwise lay dormant, generating much needed funds for charity.
Design Led Ventures St Paul’s
At WBGS we were very lucky to have this group of young innovators from St Paul’s School working with us for the CIE inaugural Design Led Ventures project. Over 10-weeks these students have worked with us to develop new functional and fresh solutions to propel our vision of #people, #planet and #purpose.

They interviewed us and our stakeholders on “What is WBGS doing well?”, “What could WBGS be doing better?” and “Where do you see WBGS in 5 years and why?”. We spent time with them at St Paul’s and they visited us in at River City Labs and took this information to work on their project, see below.