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Host A Local WBGS Event

Hosting a World’s Biggest Garage Sale in your local community is a unique way to fundraise while bringing people together to engage in sustainable practices.
By organising a WBGS event, you will have the opportunity to create a truly unique experience for your community that will generate social good for people and planet.
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What is a World’s Biggest Garage Sale Event?

Whether you’re looking to raise funds for charity or engage your local community in sustainability and the circular economy, organising a WBGS event is a great way to get involved in a major event and bring an experience like no other to your community.


World’s Biggest Garage Sale events are just that – massive community garage sales that bring together organisers, volunteers, shoppers, donors and local businesses to engage in sustainability and raise money for charity. See below for a preview of our most recent 2018 event!

What are the benefits of organising a WBGS event?

  • Playing a vital role in creating positive, measurable impact in your community.
  • Joining a family of passionate, capable, and connected people who are dedicated to changing the world one event at a time!
  • Meeting amazing people. Work with amazing people.
  • Getting involved with an award-winning business leading the circular economy in Australia with an extensive global network of sustainability experts.
  • Being a part of the change you want to see in the world.