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We’ve been RELOVED – Explore our new website!

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EXCITING NEWS! We’ve RELOVED our World’s Biggest Garage Sale website!

A labour of love, we are excited to share our long overdue and much anticipated new website.  Having started from an original garage sale concept, we’ve now evolved into a globally innovative circular economy social enterprise.  

The work we do here in Australia is not only innovative but now recognised as a community and commercial concept that’s driving new markets and methods for a more sustainable world.  We’ve grown up a lot!  

With strong partnerships locally, nationally and internationally, our growing team continues to propel our award-winning work forward.

We said it right from the start – People, Planet, Purpose. At the core we are still the same, we lead with love, we prioritise people and we activate and produce tangible outcomes with meaning and impact. 

Today, our team is proud to share the evolution of our purpose, vision and mission with you and the rest of the world.  

With our site, we’re striving to connect the circular economy with the digital economy, bring more people to our purpose and build a truly circular economy in Australia and beyond.

There are so many opportunities for you to join us on this revolutionary journey and for us all to work together. Our end to end solutions mean we can provide support and engagement for community, industry, social enterprises and government. 

We invite you to explore how the World’s Biggest Garage Sale is proudly championing Australia’s circular economy through the activation of dormant goods that creates a positive impact on people and the planet.

Big things are happening, and we’re just getting started.

There’s no time to waste, the world needs you.

❤️ Yazzy G and the WBGS Team

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