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WBGS Weekly Wonders

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Weekly Wonders

To highlight and showcase some of the amazing products that come into our Circular Economy Precinct each week and help our community participate in the circular economy, we’ve introduced WBGS Weekly Wonders!

It really is a movable feast and we never know what will come in from our business partners, office de-fits and the community! The team has a huge amount of fun processing the goods that come in via what we affectionately call the surprise-chain! We only thought it fair that we share some of our best finds via Weekly Wonders.

Weekly Wonders Surprise Chain
Weekly Wonders Surprise Chain

When Covid shut down our WBGS events in April 2020, our team took to Gumtree as a virtual showroom of the products we have to a wider market and we’ve kept this going.  Some items actually move SO fast, that they don’t even make it to our own website, so we list these on our WBGS Gummie page for some bargain items.

To get in first on some of the amazing products that come through, subscribe to our newsletter to review WBGS Weekly Wonders every Thursday. In the meantime, checkout our range on our website or WBGS Gummie page, or come and visit us at our Circular Economy Precinct and let our friendly team help you shop circular for People & Planet!

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