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Unique and Easy Ways to Use Pallet Furniture Ideas for Your Home or Patio

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Lofty and his Pallet Furniture

Written by Cooper White

When shopping for home furniture, most people start by checking department stores and display centres. But if you’re looking into eco-friendly options, consider repurposed pallet furniture.

Each year, approximately 140,000 tonnes of pallets are disposed of in Sydney alone. If you include the U.S and the entire Pacific, you land with around 10,000,000 tonnes of discarded wood pallets each year. Just imagine how many trees had to be cut down for that!

By repurposing these valuable resources into the home furniture, you can help dramatically reduce your carbon footprint and support smaller businesses.

If you’re still wondering how to turn those humble pallets into creative projects, read on:

Desk, Chairs, and Tables 

A table can be customised into any size or design, giving us the chance to re-use wood pallets. Design a unique table or draw inspiration from here.

Apply a sealer to weatherproof your pallet table. You can paint, stain, or glaze, depending on the look you want to achieve.

Storage Areas

Clutter is a time-waster. And sometimes, we resort to buying a new one when we can’t find the thing we need. We can solve this problem with the help of a shelving system. And if you use pallets, you’re also helping reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills.

Convert the pallets into an umbrella rack, a bookshelf, or a kitchen organiser. Check out here 24 projects to de-clutter your home using a pallet.

Ornamental Items

This is probably the most exciting use of pallets because it allows you to use artistic ideas to create a more functional and more sophisticate space. 

With creativity, you can use pallets to make architectural statements. Repurpose these objects into stately shelves, rustic trays, hanging planter, honeycomb mirror, wall art, etc.

Multi-functional Pallet Table

“A pallet is an ideal material if you need a multi-functional table for the deck or patio. This material is reliable, and its life can be extended with the help of weather-proofing products. Additionally, pallet furniture is relatively cheap—which means you’d be willing to use it outdoors.”, states Shane Perry, Max Funding’s financial director and an advocate of circular economy.

A modular pallet table is space-saving and eco-friendly. They can be a stylish addition to any home.

Pallet Swinging Chair

This is a charming addition to your deck or patio—open or partially open. A swinging chair made of pallet can serve as your favourite corner when you need to get away from stress or relax in the fresh breeze.

It’s easy to build, and you just have to be sure there’s a strong support system to support the weight.

At WBGS, we can make any pallet furniture design or bring your ideas to life! We make custom pallet furniture right here in Brisbane at our Circular Economy Precinct. If you are looking for sustainable and stylish furniture that won’t break your budget you contact us here.

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