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Resource Recovery Together – Transforming Products, while Transforming Lives

folder Resource Recovery
Partners with Purpose - Turner Family Foundation

We have recently had the pleasure of working with The Turner Family Foundation on a Resource Recovery project where we were transforming products, while transforming lives

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Graham and Jude Turner

Partner with Purpose: The Turner Family Foundation

The Turner Family Foundation combines a number of interests and properties owned by the Turner Family – Graham Turner, founder and CEO of Flight Centre, and his wife Jude, Founder of Spicers Retreats.

Among the Foundation’s assets are farming properties, nature refuges, the Hidden Vale Wildlife Centre, and several ecotourism ventures located mostly in South East Queensland and northern New South Wales.

Common threads linking these diverse assets are the Turner family’s love of the Australian bush, a sense of adventure and a deep desire to share these gifts with others.

This Foundation’s environmental vision is to build a commitment to the conservation, management and sustainable use of land that extends for generations. 

Being very aware of the importance of the circular economy and resource recovery, the Turner Family Foundation came to World’s Biggest Garage Sale (WBGS) for ideas with some of their waste products. 


In recent years, turning the business digital resulted in a large number of manilla folders that were no longer needed in their office. So they came to WBGS looking for ways they could transform and repurpose these folders. 

We love a challenge, so in no time our special projects team investigated and quickly tested turning the folders into notebooks. Combining the manilla folders with repurposed paper from Officeworks meant we could produce several resource recovered notebooks – sustainable and stylish!

Resource Recovery Notebooks

This new product is a versatile and unique item that is made by our young and vulnerable youth. The Tuner foundation has since then purchased these notebooks back from us – a perfect example of the Circular Economy. John Ahern, Head of Sustainability, Turner Family Office, commented:

Well done and thanks World’s Biggest Garage Sale! It’s great we’ve been able to re-use our old suspension files that would normally go to landfill. Individually handcrafted by WBGS staff, they make excellent covers for meeting notepads, combining nicely with recycled paper and paper twine binding. Their presence in our boardroom keeps Sustainability front of mind. I thoroughly recommend this process and product to other businesses.

John Ahern, Head of Sustainability, Turner Family Office

Buying these books from the World’s Biggest Garage Sale ensures we can continue to hire marginalised youth, making a positive impact in their lives all while ensuring valuable materials are diverted from landfill. 

Transforming Products and the Planet

while Transforming Lives!

If you are interested in purchasing these notebooks for yourself or your business to make a positive impact on both people and the planet Contact our friendly team today or shop online now!

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