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Discover REloved by WBGS: Good for the Environment and the Local Economy

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RElove ❤️ A little bit of love goes a long way for the planet and for your budget. We’re excited to announce our new REloved range, 100% upcycled and handmade in Brisbane by our incredible creative team.

These products have been crafted from materials and items that otherwise would have been destined for landfill. Through REthinking, REdesigning and REmaking, they have a second-life and many more uses in the future.

REloved Textiles

An estimated 92 million tonnes of textiles waste is created each year 👗 We are REthinking textile waste, creating beautiful functional products with sturdy canvas and resource recovered fabrics that otherwise could have ended up in landfill.

As an example, the production of denim 👖 is not only resource-intensive, the dyeing process also produces chemical waste which destroys natural resources (like lakes and rivers – often the heart of communities in developing nations) and endangers the lives of the people manufacturing them.

It’s estimated 1.7 million Australians are buying at least one pair of jeans in any four-week period. Yet only keep an estimated 40% of their wardrobe.

Don’t let denim go to waste! We have created upcycled denim bags and cushions to give this sturdy material a new life cycle.


Wood products take an average of thirteen years to decompose in landfill 🌳 Our upcycled pallet furniture and accessories saves trees, energy and diverts useable materials from landfill.

REpurposed and REmade, these beautiful items are all handcrafted and designed at our Circular Economy Precinct.

We have ready-made items available on our website now, or if you would like a custom design (your imagination is the only limitation) get in contact with our team via msg or email or inquire here –

We have 20% off our REloved range this week just use the code ‘RELOVED’ when you checkout online. Shop REloved now here.

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