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Meet Amazing Pallet Creations Duo – Paul & Cooper

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Amazing Pallet Duo

In just a short time our amazing pallet creations duo Cooper and Paul have developed expertise in bespoke pallet furniture. In 2021 alone, they have built over 40 custom pieces, repurposing and remanufacturing goods, with a number of new bespoke reclaimed pallet projects currently underway. 

Paul has boundless creative flair and years of experience in constructing, tinkering and building bespoke pieces. He has taken newcomer Cooper under his wing teaching him these time-honoured valuable skills.

“Pallets are perfectly good pieces of wood that usually end up in landfill if not restored correctly. Our pallet projects allow us to restore the wood and let our creative juices flow, building custom furniture that is personal and much loved by our customers” explained Paul.

Pallet Wine Rack – One of the many pallet creations Paul & Cooper have made!

Cooper is one of the amazing young men that has come to us through White Box Enterprises, a large-scale, jobs-focused social enterprise builder with a BIG goal to transform Australia’s youth employment system, helping social enterprise just like WBGS.  

Since October 2020, Cooper has been working in our tools workshop with Paul. Before starting with WBGS, he had never used a power tool and now he is building custom pallet furniture under the daily supervision of Paul. Having recently completed his forklift license, he just keeps growing, learning vital skills to keep moving forward in any career path he chooses.

Amazing pallet creations duo Paul and Cooper are two hard-working men that take pride in their craftsmanship. It’s beautiful watching them work together and bounce ideas off each other.

Pallet Team


We asked the pair “What is your favourite thing about working together?”

Paul’s reply: “I love Cooper’s keenness to learn and his aptitude for building”

Cooper’s reply: “I’m grateful for Paul’s willingness and patience to teach me.”

Buying these custom pallet items benefits both people and the planet, helping keep Cooper and Paul doing what they love. Learn more about our Bespoke Pallet Furniture and contact us today with your ideas and we can turn your dreams into reality, creating lasting pieces just for you.

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