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Time to be Thrifty and Fabulous – WBGS are on Depop!

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Always on the lookout for new ways to activate dormant goods, The World’s Biggest Garage Sale is now on Depop!

Sustainability in the fashion Industry has become an important issue for many consumers, as it was found that 73% of people would be willing to pay more for sustainable goods, and 62% would prefer to buy from sustainable brands. However, the fashion world hasn’t really taken notice of the evolving preferences of consumers, with fast fashion brands continuously pumping out new collections on a weekly basis. But environmentally conscious consumers, do not fear… introducing Depop!

Depop is a Mobile Fashion Marketplace

Depop is a mobile marketplace that enables individuals or small businesses to buy and sell used, vintage, recycled or reworked clothing and accessories. A little bit like eBay and a little bit like Instagram, Depop users have their own profile pages that act like mini storefronts, where they can post pictures and descriptions of the items they’re selling.

Depop Fashion
wbgs_global Depop Fashion


Depop is especially popular with the Millennial and Generation Z audiences, thus the platform has provided WBGS with the invaluable opportunity to reach younger audiences and share our mission. Depop aligns with young people’s fluid views of ownership, and is so popular with this audience who frequently wear a top for a season (or Instagram post) and then want to sell it to someone else. Depop not only represents a shift in youth culture towards environmental sustainability, but also reflects the emerging popularity of individualism and a growing rejection of fast fashion.

So why not check out The World’s Biggest Garage Sale on Depop? Whether you are loving the Y2K shoulder bag trend, are looking for some winter wardrobe essentials, or a unique reworked piece, WBGS Depop has something for you!

Fast fashion exists because there is a market for it, but through giving clothes and accessories a second life through apps like Depop, we are creating a culture where reusing becomes the new norm. If you would like more information about any of our Depop fashion, just head to wbgs_global on Depop or contact us today.

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