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Renewed Chairs Furnishing a Circular Future

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Renewed Chairs with Heart & Purpose

Reupholstered furniture, including renewed chairs, has not just become an emerging trend, experts are also starting to realise the environmental benefits of this time-honoured tradition. 

Like most, 2020 presented us with a few hurdles, but sometimes the unexpected can birth the best things in life. With COVID-19 halting our large events, we focused on our permanent Circular Economy Precinct located in Morningside and looked for ways to bring circular value-add to products we commonly received.

During 2020, we bunkered down and mastered skills in reupholstery and repair and from this time our Renewed Chairs with Heart & Purpose were born! We regularly receive chairs that are still functional and just need a bit of TLC to give them a second life. Instead of trying to sell these old chairs as-is, we decided we needed to renew them with style, creating vibrant pieces for any workplace or home office. 

Chair Repairs
Chair Repairs at World’s Biggest Garage Sale

“By extending the life of furniture through re-upholstering, you extend the life of the product. This means that you minimise both the need for additional resources to manufacture new furniture and also the energy involved in manufacturing new products.”

Stuart Cochrane, sustainability consultant at the Furniture Industry Research Association


Not only great for the planet, renewing chairs provides valuable skills and training for our youth in an evolving trade that serves as a beacon within our throw-away culture that would benefit enormously in this saving grace, helping the community become more circular while providing valuable and cherished products. 

Some of the amazing Renewed Chairs With Heart and Purpose from the WBGS Team.

One such team member at WBGS who’s taken to reupholstery is Jet who joined our team back in October. With a creative flair, he was very quickly reupholstering chairs and finding efficient and creative ways to upcycle office chairs into unique individual pieces destined to brighten any office.

When asked why he’s so good at it, Jet said: “It’s a fun process understanding how to pull apart and put a chair back together!”

Jet, Refurbisher in Residence

We’re so excited to showcase these amazing chairs and our team to the community. Help us find these gorgeous and comfortable chairs new homes, while providing impact towards a Circular Economy globally and our social enterprise locally.

If you are interested in buying one of our Renewed Chairs with Heart & Purpose or looking to have your own chairs reupholstered visit us at our Morningside Precinct or inquire below with our friendly team today.


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