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Spicers Tamarind Asian Food Festival – Resource Recovery

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This year we had the honour of running the waste station at the Spicers Retreat Asian Food Festival! 

It was a day of live entertainment, Asian cuisine and fine wine, the annual  Asian Food Festival was held on Sunday the 28th of February at Spicers Tamarind Retreat. 

Alice Dahlberg, our Special Projects Manager at World’s Biggest Garage Sale, was previously the sustainability officer for Spicers. She was invited back this year to help with the waste and resource recovery management throughout the festival. 

To give some context, this annual event started 4 years ago and the waste that was left behind was enough to fill two skip bins. From that point on Spicers knew they wanted to work towards making this a waste-free event. The organisers spent money on reusable glasses which allows attendees to reuse for multiple drinks instead of having bins of cans and plastic cups, and all food packaging was made compostable. 

WBGS Resource Recovery Management!

This year, when World’s Biggest Garage Sale partnered up to run the waste station we almost did the impossible for a food festival with over 400 people… We had only one small bucket of general waste, the rest we were able to compost! 

Yes! That is one small bucket for over 400 people at a food festival! It was an amazing effort from everyone involved, including the guests who also acted with conscientiousness and sustainability in mind. Congratulations to the team at Spicers for committing to hosting a zero waste event.  

Alice and Chloe from our team had such a fun day sorting all the rubbish and ensuring all the products went in the correct compost bins which then were brought back with them to Brisbane and collected by Going Green Australia. 

Do you need help with Resource Recovery at your next event?

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