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Author:Worlds Biggest Garage Sale

Behind the Scenes of #RiverPitch

We are so excited to be one of the 4 contenders going through to the semi-finals for RiverPitch. With so many great contestants, a bit like the Oscars, it really is an honour just to be participating!

Yas on set with Steve Baxter

Working with Steve Baxter, who mentored all 8 contestants with so much honesty and passion, was a unique opportunity that I relished. He is a wealth of knowledge for anyone in the start-up space and really hones in on the areas you need to work on as business.

Any time with him is a privilege and I really valued his feedback. He forced me to look closely at my pitch and structure it better for the intended audience. The first part of the day we talked about our story and our journey so far. He then helped me really focus on the numbers and impact we can have on communities, our ability to scale globally and how we can best communicate this to potential investors.


The QLD RiverPitch crew!

The whole day was a fantastic process and really energising. I spent a lot of time with other founders who all have fantastic vision and are really putting their ideas on the line. We spent time getting to know each other’s business concepts and models and were really able to challenge each other and bounce pitch ideas off each other. It was awesome to learn from them and I found I could offer skills and insights in areas I was strong in and the other founders offered me the same.

And this is testament to the incredible Queensland start-up ecosystem. Organisations like River City Labs (founded by Steve Baxter) provide great environments to learn, grow, collaborate and really build your business ideas and models. It’s a strong community in Queensland and I was so proud to be a part of the program.


Fun with some awesome QLD Founders!

We also really appreciated having another platform to share our vision and model, highlighting our key messages about activating dormant goods for the circular economy and the “Garage Sale in a Box” concept — taking events global with a unique licensed platform and dashboard.

We are a profit for purpose organisation enabling other communities to raise money without having to go down the typical fundraising path. Along the way we’re also providing mechanisms to ensure good products circulate for as long as possible thereby avoiding waste that would eventually end up in landfill.


First pitch for RiverPitch at RCL!

We want to make this a profitable business, which is really important because profitable businesses have momentum, longevity and resources that pure charities can lose over time. By scaling the events we can greatly magnify our positive impacts to both communities and the environment and ensure the good work is self-sustaining. Platforms like RiverPitch give us the chance to turn our business plans into reality.

If anyone’s ever wondered what it takes to turn your ideas into reality and venture into the start-up space then a TV program like RiverPitch lifts the lid on what’s involved — I encourage you to watch, learn and get behind the vibrant start-up community in Queensland and Australia.

A huge thanks to Your MoneyACS — The Professional Association for Australia’s ICT sector and River City Labs for leading the way in showcasing start-ups on this platform.

For those who haven’t caught Episode 1 of RiverPitch yet, you can check it out here.

WBGS Reality TV Debut on RiverPitch

We are excited to announce that the World’s Biggest Garage Sale CEO Yas Grigaliunas is one of the QLD contestants on an innovative new program, RiverPitch that launched Tuesday the 26th of February at 7:30pm on Your Money (Ch 95 on FTA or Ch 601 on Foxtel).

You can Catch Up on this week’s episode, to see Yasmin and the World’s Biggest Garage Sale make it through to the next round. There’s also a Recap of Episode 1  on Your Money.

In partnership with ACS and River City Labs, RiverPitch puts 24 Australian start-ups in the spotlight and on the fast track to growth, promoting and championing the Australian entrepreneur! Kylie Merritt, CEO of Your Money, said RiverPitch reflects both organisations’ commitment to supporting “Australian business and innovation”.

Hosted on Your Money, over the course of eight weeks, 24 contestants from around the country will compete to win a prize valued at $20,000 and to be named the overall winner.

During the eight weeks, each contestant works with an industry leader, mentoring them in perfecting their pitch, including:


Once the contestants have made it through the first round, they’ll face the judges:


Yas Grigaliunas commented, “When we held our very first World’s Biggest Garage Sale back in 2013, we dreamt of being on national television, so it’s incredible we are actually going to be one of the 8 Queensland startups on RiverPitch. And it’s a great group of startups! A big thanks to Your Money, ACS and River City Labs for this opportunity.”

You can tune in each week to see the judges evaluate each contestant’s pitch and determine the viability of each product’s potential to scale, the market fit, and the entrepreneur’s passion to succeed.

You can watch RiverPitch live from Tuesday the 26th of February at 7:30pm on Your Money Channel (Ch 95 on FTA or Ch 601 on Foxtel).

RiverPitch Catch-up| February 26, 2019

RiverPitch Episode 1 Recap| February 26, 2019


Plogging - pick up waste while Jogging!

We hope your week has been as productive and joyful as ours has been here at WBGS. With plenty of new and exciting ideas in the pipeline, there are a few fun things we wanted to share with you, both in our local community and nationwide.

You may have seen local community members carrying bags full of plastic and wondered what their intended use could be. Implemented in November last year, the Queensland Containers for Change Scheme refunds 10c for every eligible bottle or can collected, and this small incentive successfully saw 100 million bottles and cans collected within the first two months of its implementation! What you see in our communities is the beginning of more plastic being taken off the streets and out of landfill. We are so excited about this great initiative to take back needless waste and cycle money back into the community — this amazing effort will help us all reduce the number of plastic containers going to landfill each year. We now need to raise efforts toensure these containers become the food for future production.


We love active things with great messages and feel that establishing human connections while working hard towards environmental sustainability is really important. Last Friday we went #plogging along the Brisbane river and through the Botanic Gardens, finding many items along the water’s edge — plastic bags, bottles, polystyrene and even a red shoe (totally on brand, but ready for the bin unfortunately!). You’ll often find a lot of waste in or near water and I think it’s important to remember that anything we produce as a society needs to have an appropriate place at it’s end of life.


And that’s the perfect lead-in to Australia’s largest and most successful community-based environmental event which is coming up next week. Australians all over the country will be gathering in their local communities to #cleanupaustralia, and we couldn’t be more pleased. Schools, businesses, youth groups, community groups and councils alike will spend their sunny Sunday picking up rubbish that’s accumulated in public areas across the nation. Did you know in 2018, the estimated rubbish removed came to 16,942.2 ute loads?! Though our primary goal is always to prevent rubbish entering our environment, it’s also just as important to take a look around and remove the rubbish that is already there.


If you’d like to create or join a Clean Up, please head over to the Clean Up Australia Day website to find out how. Depending on who you choose to clean up your community with, there are a couple of main dates where you’ll be able to chip in with workmates, friends and family!

Business Clean Up Day — Tuesday 26 February 2019

Youth and Schools Clean Up Day — Friday 1 March 2019

Clean Up Australia Day — Sunday 3 March 2019

How To Make Valentine’s Day Romantic While Reducing Your Environmental Footprint

I can’t believe it’s already February! Just like that, the holiday period is over and we are well on our way into what I’m sure will be a very busy year for us all, especially here at WBGS! However, before we completely lose ourselves in business as usual, let’s make one last excuse to take a relaxing break and spend a day with the people that mean the most.

Whether you’re celebrating with a loved one, friends or family, Valentine’s Day is closing in fast (February 14th for those who don’t already have it down), and it’s always good to have something special planned for the occasion, big or small.

As humans, we often find ourselves getting carried away with the glamorousness of it all — a romantic and expensive evening out, an elaborate bouquet of flowers and a big bunch of pink and red balloons, chocolate… More chocolate…

BUT as much as lavish celebrations are fun and exciting, it’s also important to take a step back and remember why we’re celebrating. How we can make these moments even more special, by making meaningful choices that take back control from the cost, consumerism and carbon footprint Valentine’s Day tends to draw. For whoever you’re giving out candy hearts to this year, we have some top tips to make sure it’s suitable and sustainable!

Bake it don’t buy it

If you love the idea of celebrating love and are wanting to go all out, we suggest a fun-filled picnic followed by some gift exchanges and a cheeky wine to end the night on a high. Consider packing a homemade picnic with delicious sandwiches and organic fruits to go along with your drink of choice, instead of pre-packaged and mass-produced items from the supermarket. You will save a whole lot of dollars and a whole lot of plastic waste!

Photo by John Dancy on Unsplash

For dessert, perhaps opt for some fair trade organic chocolate (we really like the brand Loving Earth!) or bake your own desserts from scratch! Nothing beats the satisfaction of biting into a perfectly soft and chewy cookie made from home. Save some for your date, though!

DIY gifts

If you’re crafty, you may consider going an extra step and making your own gift. A hand-knitted scarf or a home-pottered mug will go such a long way and your significant other or family members will truly appreciate the time, effort and thought you put into the project. Otherwise, buy pre-loved gifts, something handmade, support your local merchants and choose fair trade. Swap a bouquet out for a house plant that your gift recipient can keep for a lot longer than flowers! Get creative with it and opt for something that will be as long-lasting as the love you hold for your loved one (corny, I know).

Lastly, no matter who you’re giving to this V Day, make your cards from scratch! Find some old cardboard or materials around your house (maybe some glitter if you’re feeling extra festive) and recycle them into some amazing, homemade, love-filled greeting cards that will be cherished for so long! (Can you tell that I’m feeling the love?)

Photo by Mel Poole on Unsplash

We hope that wherever you are this Valentine’s Day, that you take a moment to celebrate the incredible privilege that it is to be surrounded by those you love! (We love you, too.) Happy Valentine’s Day!

Keep on Keep-Cuppin’ On! Solutions for the Environmental Caffeine Enthusiast

We hope your New Year was safe and joyous, spent with the ones you love the most! Now that it’s 2019 we suspect that means you have the inevitable list of New Year’s resolutions burning a hole in your back pocket. Getting big goals is something I definitely subscribe to and then it’s all about committing and regularly checking-in to that commitment over the year.

Photo by Jessica Lewis on Unsplash

One way to make it easier to stick to the big hairy audacious resolutions is to break them down into smaller bite size chunks, making small positive improvements to our daily behaviour and setting attainable goals that we can work towards. One way to make a more positive and sustainable choice in 2019 is to reconsider the way you receive your takeaway coffee each mor

According to Sustainability Victoria, Australians consume more than 50,000 cups of coffee every half hour, and an estimated 1 billion takeaway hot drink cups each year. ONE BILLION! Unfortunately, most of these are rarely recycled and ultimately end up in landfill. Australian coffee culture is harming the environment, every morning on your way to work!

So how can we, as everyday caffeine addicts, make small, sustainable adjustments in our day-to-day routine while keeping the environment in mind? To start, you can make a small investment in a good quality keep cup and remember to leave the house each day with it in your work bag. This small and convenient step means that you can easily do your part to reduce the number of takeaway cups going to landfill. At most cafes, you will also get a discount on your coffee for bringing your own cup! That’s what I call a win-win!

A small issue I have personally faced when BYO-ing my coffee cup to work is avoiding leaks and spillages during transit. As someone who hops on public transport regularly, I have sometimes found myself in the awkward situation of holding a leaking keep cup that is dripping on my hand, with me frantically trying to clean it up! I understand this can be disheartening and could lead you to revert back to having your daily cappuccino in a paper cup. Never Fear!

A Frank Green coffee cups goes anywhere with you! (Source: Frank Green)

Enter Frank Green – the market’s latest technology in reusable coffee cups. These keep cups are known for their great minimalist design, coupled with their impressive functionality. Some funky design benefits are:

+ A spill resistant lid – even when it’s upside down!

+ Drinking hole designed for optimum liquid flow

+ Stain and odour resistant inner

+ Comfortably fits in standard cup holders

+ Dishwasher safe

+ Recyclable at end of life – this is a big one!

WBGS enjoy coffee from a Frank Green keep cup.

Frank Green reusable coffee cups are made with premium, long-lasting materials and come in a vast range of sizes and colours. Better yet, their Next Generation range lets you Paywave your purchase from the cup! All this in a sleek and effortless design – you’ll never use a disposable cup again! As a bonus, the brand also manufactures reusable water bottles, another stylish step towards a solution to the thirty-eight billion water bottles that are discarded into landfills around the world every year.

We may not be able to commit to all our New Year’s resolutions overnight, and hey, that’s okay! What we can do is make a conscious effort to lessen our personal impact on the environment by changing small behaviours, one day at a time. If you are a ‘forgetful work in progress’ like me, please be aware that you can recycle the lids on takeaway cups as long as they have a plastics identification code stamp – just make sure you separate it from the cup first!